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Desk Pads

Dick GrayBeal INC.

Desk Pad Kleer Vue

Kleer Vue desk pads are available in a crystal clear and non-glare styles. These desk pads protect your desk and are ideal for organizing notes, phone lists, calendars, to-do lists, photos and any other item right on your desk top. The Standard Series is available in three popular sizes in a rectangular shape.


Desk Pad Crystal Edge
The Crystal Edge Series combines the functionality of the Kleer Vue Series, but adds a touch of elegance with the patented beveled edge. This edge treatment gives the appearance of cut glass. Also standard in this series is the formed-in pencil stop that provides a "home" for your writing instrument. The Crystal Edge desk pads are available in two sizes in a rectangular shape and an oval shape that complements bowfront and other non-linear furnishings.


Desk Pad Vinoleum

Vinoleum is a superior writing surface that helps reduce writer's fatigue and will not crack, break or crumble. The non-skid foam backing cushions the writing surface and protects your laminate or ven desk surface from scratches or stains. Vinoleum desk pads are offered in both Black and Burgundy finishes in rectangular, oval and contour shapes for practically any work station or desk.


Desk Pad Vinoleum Vue

Vinoleum Vue combines the organizational functions of the Non-Glare desk pad material with the cushioned, protective writing surface of Vinoleum into a single desk pad. The clear, non-glare top surface provides a protected space for organizing notes, cards and lists while the non-skid foam-back Vinoleum bottom surface protects your work surface. Available in Black or Burgundy each with clear, non-glare top surface.